The cycle

Your partner, as much as you love them, often triggers the very fear and doubt you hoped a relationship would resolve! A “negative cycle” is created…and another argument flares up.

This repetitive cycle creates distance, even though you are trying to connect. Even though the argument changes, the pattern feels the same. Although you want to be in a relationship, you might feel dependent, overwhelmed, too crowded, too distant...the list goes on.

Couples therapy, specifically EFT can help! 

Compulsive behaviors

Pornography, out of control sexual behaviors, or infidelity, can have profound effects on a couple's ability to create a healthful path forward.

In couples therapy, I will help you find the courage to identify and address isolating and addictive-feeling behaviors, in a non-judgmental and positive environment. Similarly I will help you address the hurt and confusion these behaviors create in both partners.

Dr. Sue Johnson, bestselling author of "Hold me Tight" and "Love Sense." She's a clinical psychologist and professor, and the creator of a new type of relationship therapy: emotionally focused couples therapy. She has also trained thousands of therapists around the world.

Good news

The negative cycle is the problem, not you!

Even better news…the cycle can be changed! I often use Emotionally Focused Therapystructured, proven approach to help you move beyond destructive, repeating cycles of fighting and arguing. This powerful way of working can bring you closer, with a new, deeper understanding of how your partnership can be nurturing, safe, and intimate.